Published by Joshua Gask on December 12, 2017

Mother- Daughter Date Ideas To Try Out

With work commitments​ and with having to juggle one’s work with their family many mothers would claim that they don’t spend as much time as they like with their daughters. It is true that you may be dropping them off at various extracurricular activities after school but you only get that small travel time to talk with your daughter and many mothers would say that this time is not sufficient. Therefore many mothers may now be wondering whether there are any other ways for them to spend time with their daughters. That is where this article would come in because this article will proceed to explore various mother-daughter dates that the readers of the article can go on with their own daughters.

Breakfast date

You and your daughter may have gone countless times to get ice cream together but have you ever taken her out for a meal? Just the two of you without any other family members? Well for many readers out there the answer would be no. Therefore there is no better date than to wake up early and go out for a breakfast date at a café in Seminyak Bali that you always admired but never had the time to visit. Since you would be sharing the first meal of the day both of you would be fresh and your daughter would also be more receptive towards your questions.

Go to an Open Mic

Can you remember all the artists you used to listen to at good coffee shops during your college years? Well, you daughter may now be at the age where she would also want to go to concerts with her friends but it is very likely that she would not want her mother to come with her. Therefore instead of going to a concert with her why don’t you go to an open mic session with her to see what the new artists are like. Furthermore, you and your daughter may even be able to find that they have some tastes in common with each other.

Spa Date

A date that every mother and daughter should go on irrespective of their age is to a spa for a pampering session. This would be a date that your daughter would simply adore because apart from being able to get facials and massages she would also be able to get a manicure and a pedicure which is one activity that every girl loves.

Thus, with the help of the article, every mother would be able to find a way to spend some extra time with their daughters.

Published by Joshua Gask on May 30, 2017

Making A Good Restaurant

Just because a restaurant has a long menu, a high price point or a fancy location doesn’t mean it’s a good restaurant. There are many things that are needed for the restaurant to be considered a ‘good’ place to eat, never mind being Michelin class. So what goes in to a good restaurant?

Top Produce

No self-respecting restaurant will use old vegetables or crushed fruit. Meat and fish will be as fresh as possible. Beverages will be top grade; coffee will have to be an internationally renowned brand like Lavazza or something equally good.  Food always tastes better when the produce is fresh and/or top quality and good chefs know this so they don’t skimp on it. Even if the chef or cook is mediocre, the food will be passable if the ingredients are of good quality whereas not even a brilliant chef will be able to pass off bad produce as acceptable food.

A Creative Chef

Any road-side eatery can produce the standard burghers, subs or spaghetti but it takes a real creative genius (with food) to create and then sustain an interesting menu that draws crowds. A restaurant earns the accolade of ‘good’ from the average customer for two reasons. One, it’s cheap and two, it has great food. If the chef is able to take a classic dish and turn it into something fabulous or new or both, then the restaurant has a very good chance of succeeding because people today are not looking for the same old country dishes they are used to. They love trying new things and then bragging about it on social media, so give them something to post about!

Interesting Space

Restaurants do not need a lot of space. As long as you have good food and alcohol served from a spiegelau craft beer glass there will be patrons at your door. But even a teeny tiny space can become interesting when a restaurant decides to be interesting. Why do restaurants serving Italian almost always have red checkered table cloths and muted lighting? Why can’t it have a rock band performing while it serves neon coloured drinks? There is something about Italian cuisine with its heavy yet tart flavours and vivid colours that was meant for candlelight dinners. Even a tiny studio space can become a ‘good’ restaurant if the space is utilized in a smart way that reflects the theme of the restaurant.

Impeccable Service

The food may be great, the chef may be creative and the space may be interesting but the restaurant will lose customers in droves if the service is not up to certain standards. While it’s understood that service will improve (or not) depending on price point, no customer will stay if the wait staff is not attentive or is rude. There should be some basic training for all staff so that they know how to remain alert to a customer’s whims and cover tables in their quarter without appearing too hassled.

Published by Joshua Gask on May 9, 2017

Quality Definitely Goes A Long Way

Something that makes its way into anything and everything is a quality. It could be shoes, clothes or even food, for that matter. Quality is of great importance and has been integrated into various methods all over the world. Since people consider quality as a top priority, production sites, fast food chains among others have taken it to the next level, ways you wouldn’t even dream of. Fast food chains like Mc Donald’s generally go to great lengths to get their customers feedback, so that they can use that to improve how they perform. They would change their menu from time, and ensure that all customers are satisfied with the service.

What they’ll have to focus on mostly would be maintaining that quality consistently. Most of the restaurants that spring up these days are absolutely worth going back to, but gradually they tend to deteriorate performance and quality wise, which is very unfortunate. They have to find creative and unique ways to keep customers loyal, because in times like these, there’s a huge amount of competition, especially with restaurants like Domino’s and Pizza Hut.Regarding the fashion world, the brands that are available are endless. From the high quality brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci to name a few have certainly made their way up the ladder to extreme popularity. Only the rich and famous can afford these high end brands, and even consider splurging during shopping trips abroad. These days, there are some good cafes that keep popping up here and there, and even though they may be small, they’re actually pretty cozy to be in. These cafes tend to have a nice atmosphere to meet up with your friends, or even just your mother, it could be either. They could also be hidden in a secluded area, where there’s a lot of privacy, too. Nice cafes like these are hard to find, plus you have to be lucky enough as well.

For the people who prefer 5 star restaurants, there’s plenty to choose from, as there are so many scattered around everywhere. Restaurants like these would probably provide 3 or 5 course meals that would definitely be of top quality, because this is where the elite, posh people would go. They’re the type who’d usually complain about the slightest mistake made.This is why quality certainly goes a long way, with food, fashion and everything else. As times have changed, people are prone to looking out for good quality products than they would have earlier, which is good.

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Top 10 Must Do’s In Sydney

Sydney tops every travelers bucket list for obvious reasons! In any case, with such a large number of ‘Sydney should do’s’ you might find it pretty confusing to figure out what to do in Sydney, what are indisputably the must do’s particularly if you are tight on time.

Visit the Opera House

This is THE thing to do if you are in Sydney! A standout amongst the most delightful and technically outlined structures on the planet, the Sydney Opera House is really a treat on eyes. Aside from being one of Australia’s most classical landmark, it’s likewise located in an astounding area offering stunning views of the Sydney Harbor and Harbor Bridge. Try to grab a drink from the amazing Opera Bar situated on the water underneath the Opera House.

Climb the harbor bridge

This is not for you unless you have enough time and a thick budget to back it. If you have what it takes, pump your adrenaline glands by climbing one of Australia’s most outstanding structures – the Sydney Harbor Bridge. There are various diverse bridge climbs accessible for each sort of fitness level extending from an evening climb, morning climb, night climb and a test climb for those simply looking to test the water.

Go to the beach each!

Stunning wgolden sand shorelines, is what Australia’s popular for. Indeed, even during winter if you visit Sydney try not to miss the short trip to Bondi Beach or one of the other sensational beaaches on the bank of Sydney. It’s one of the main urban areas on the world to have such lovely shorelines few minutes away from the city. Also know that Bondi isn’t the only beach line in Sydeny!! There are heaps of beaches along the bank of Sydney including Coogee, Bronte, Tamarama and Maroubra that are similarly dazzling and may even have more space on the beach for you to grab a bite from burger along the beach and relax.

In to The Rocks

Couple of evening drinks in few of the old bars and you can visit the best restaurants at Doncaster in TGI Fridays will fix your day pleasantly, it’s an exquisite area in Sydney to visit. For those of you searching for uncommon trinkets that no one else will have or perhaps just vintage accessories, then make a visit to the weekend at TGI Fridays, where a large number of treats awaits you regardless of the dollars you have in hand.

Don’t miss the Darling Harbor

With a range of various bars, clubs and bistros around, Darling Harbor is an absolute must see. Within a few minutes’ walk away from the downtown area, it’s the ideal place to relax by the water.

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Steps To Plan A Bachelorette Party

Well, since the question is popped up, the bride would always be busy. With all the wedding plans; booking the venue, getting the dress, decorations, caterers etc. will all fall on your plate. So to get away from all the hassle, you definitely deserve a bachelorette party away from home, with all your besties. So here are some simple steps for you to plan a party quickly and easily.

Choose a city

It feels special when you hold your party away from home and all family members, spending time only with your besties and making memories. It is the last few days you’ll be spending as an unmarried free bird so of course you need to have some fun. You could choose a city with so much life; such as clubs, bars for hens parties, shopping, movie theatres etc. or choose the complete opposite; a cottage in a calm and serene area where you could spend some private fun times.

Choose a theme

A theme is a must for a bachelorette party. If you are planning to hold a typical party, then you could arrange your décor, food and music according to it. You could also plan a day at the spa, a night out to a cocktail bar that serve a wonderful drink or simple shopping spree. Another option is to make the trip last a few days. Make sure you have your days planned out well if you will be staying for a few days, so that you don’t really sit inside a room a keep gossiping. Get out, experience some adventure, see some new places, try out stuff you’ve never done before and then come back to gossiping.

Invite your guests

Your bridesmaids are the obvious guests. You could also invite a few other friends, your cousins, sisters or anyone you like. Make sure you don’t invite too many if it’s a trip of more than one day, considering the expenses you’ll have to bear. Also, you’d rather have some up-close fun with your besties and not some random girls. Inform your guests about the proceedings of the party or trip so that they know where you will be headed and what you’ll do there.

Have a blast!

You’ve got your hotel room booked, you’ve planned out your trip and you’ve got your favourite people with you. It’s time to enjoy! Pay attention to little details such as decoration of your hotel room, personalized t-shirts for all, mini champagne bottles for all along with little gifts. It will be your final few days as free as this so take the fullest.

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Planning Your Kid\\\\’s Birthday Party To Make It Memorable

It’s your kid’s birthday party! So you have to plan the birthday party to make it memorable. Sometimes, parents think that it is not easy to plan the birthday party in an organized way and even perfectly. But, there are ways by which you can plan your kid’s birthday party to make it memorable.
The birthday venue – When your kid will want to have a birthday party, you have to think about the party’s venue. Find out that how many party venues are present in your locality. And search the perfect settings you can book for celebrating your kid’s birthday in an affordable price. Think that whether you want to throw a big birthday bash or a small one with some close friends of you and your kid and a few of the relatives.

Moreover, if your house is big, you can throw the party at your home. But, you must do all the planning after estimating your budget. Outdoor party hosted in kids party venues Newcastle will give more space to the kids for playing games and enjoying other activities. But, your child cannot play with her friends in the drawing room, where expensive home decor items are present. So think twice and then decide!

Theme and others – Ask your kid that which theme he wants to have in his birthday party. You can choose a theme on fairy, superheroes, jungles, astronaut in space, mermaid in ocean and so on. Make the food items and the costumes as per the birthday party’s theme. You can cook the food items on your own with the help of some family members if you throw the birthday party at home. In this way, you can save a lot of money. You can prepare the birthday cake on your own if you have the cake making machine.
Invitations and activities – Think that how many guests you want to invite to your child’s birthday party. After that, make the invitation cards with the assistance of your child. She will bring out her artistic skills to make the best invitation cards for the invitees. You and your kid can make the invitation card with things, such as crepe paper, glitter glue, stickers, glitter pen and others. You can arrange for musical chair in the kid’s birthday party. Additionally, your kid and her friends can decorate the cupcakes, cookies with chocolate chips, creams and berries. Such activities will make your kid’s birthday party more memorable.
Music – Add some fun filled, rocking music in your kid’s birthday party. You can hire a DJ for this purpose. Additionally, if your friend is a good singer, then you ask him to perform to entertain the kids.