Published by Joshua Gask on June 23, 2016

Cross-Culture Experiences From Home

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We sometimes tend to live within our own comfort zone and group of friends and surround ourselves with things that are familiar to us and things that we relate to the most. There is nothing wrong with doing that. But sometimes when we do this we miss out on great things outside our own small circle. We cannot exclude others and other cultures that surround us. If we do then we are doing them and ourselves a great injustice. Diversity enriches our lives and in adds a unique flavor to our experiences.

There are simply such a variety of foods from a diversity of cultures that are available almost in all parts of the world. There are localities that specialize in different kinds of food types and beverages within the same city or town. Even local food can be different from region to region and state to state. So there is a lot of diversity available to anyone who is willing to try it out. This may not require any effort at all from your part. It only needs willingness. You can do a lot of things to enjoy cross-culture diversity siting at your own home.

For an example you may not be from Poland and have never visited it either. But you don’t have to be polish to enjoy their food. There are polish food online and so many restaurants and shops that offer their services to you. They deliver to your doorstep and you can enjoy a rich Polish cuisine from home sitting in your own living room. You don’t even need to step outside from your house to do it. That’s the best part! Culture comes to your doorstep.

Befriend people from different cultures and parts of the world. Mingle with them and learn from them. They will give you a firsthand experience about their cultures and traditions. You can contribute to the learning experience things from your own culture so that your foreign friends too can benefit from you.

Go to a class that teaches another language that is not your own mother tongue. It can be an unique experience that will teach you to value the culture and traditions of another. If you find it difficult to find a place that teaches a particular language then it is always best to turn to the internet. There are many online courses that are offered to international students that cater to the need and proficiency of each student. It can be found for a decent course fee and since there is no travelling costs and time spentin travelling you can learn and master another language sitting at home and sipping a hot cup of coffee.

There are so many ways to reach out and experience different cultures and societies that surround us. It can be a really interesting endeavor. Why don’t you give it a shot?