Published by Joshua Gask on March 16, 2016

First Date Rules For Boys

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Dating is an activity that can be fun and disastrous at the same time. We have head of countless stories where casual dating led to lifelong relationships. On the other hand, we have also heard of times where dating led to disastrous results. Whatever said and done, dating has its thrills, right from the butterflies in your stomach before it to those dreamy moments of staring into space and reliving the date moments afterwards. Dating has been around since ancient times and have evolved into a science. There are certain rules, regulations, protocols and guidelines you should follow when you are dating. Failing to follow these rules will fail to lead you to long term results. Everyone talks about girls when it comes to dating. What should they be wearing, how much should they talk and what shoes they should wear are being discussed beyond an inch of its life. It is not often that people talk about a boy’s role in a date, leaving them to literally fend for themselves. Here are some first date rules that any boy should follow in order to ensure that a second date takes place, check this great pizza in soho.

Ask for your date’s preference Even though you are on a first date, chances are that you would have had a chance to talk to your date at least once. Don’t forget to ask your date for her preferences when it comes to food and activities. For example, if you have gone to lengths to plan a date at a place specializing in Italian dining HK, only to find out that your date hates everything to do with Italy, you will be in for a lot of disappointment. Or if you love rock concerts and only to find out that your date hates them. So do make sure that you take your date’s likes and dislikes into preference when planning the first date.

Turn up on timeThe worst thing after not considering your date’s preferences during the first date is to turn up late. This not only looks bad on your part, but also shows disrespect. For example, telling your date to be at an Italian dining HK place at a certain time and turning up an hour late puts your date in that uncomfortable position of leaving or telling you what she really thought of you. So make sure that you leave your place plenty of time in advance. If you are getting late for any unavoidable reason, make sure to at least call ahead.

Take care with your appearance Last, but not the least, appearances go a long way. So take care of what you wear and how you present yourself at the date. Remember to look at yourself in the mirror objectively before setting out to meet your date.