Published by Joshua Gask on February 22, 2017

Four Must Have Deserts From Around The World

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Nothing concludes a grand meal like an exquisite dessert. Be it sweet, savoury, got or cold everyone enjoys that final course. Travelling opens up the opportunity to try different kinds from different areas of this world. Today with unstoppable globalisation of the food and beverage industry, it’s not difficult to have a piece of a North Pole delicacy in the South Pole. Among the millions of recipes, here is a few that we think any good enthusiast should try.

Rasagulla the spongy treat
Any Indian will tell you how much this sweet treat is a part of most festivals. It’s made from semolina dough and chhena. Formed into mini dumplings and cooked in a sugar syrup. Easy to make. Can be served hot or cold in individual cups.

Gelato with an olive influence
Can be found at a fancy Italian restaurant, an excellent gelato with a rich olive oil flavour. This savoury dessert can be made with a little practice and served with a sprinkle of sea salt. The salt enhances the earthy flavour of the olive oil. A scoop leaves you feeling satisfied, yet longing for more soon enough.

A milky delight
A well-known dessert of Sri Lankan, the buffalo curd which is served with kithul treacle. The rich fullness of the sour curd and the exquisite taste of the sweet treacle creates a mouth-watering delight. Easy to put together at home if you can get hold of buffalo curd. Yoghurt can be substituted but it won’t do the trick. If opportunity strikes don’t miss out.

Deep from the kitchen of Thailand
Khao neow sang kaya is well known sweetened rice goodness that can be found at a Bangkok brunch place. Usually eaten as breakfast, yet can be served as dessert.  It’s made from rice that can be either black or white, cooked in fresh coconut cream. What make a this dish special is that it’s served with a slice of custard.

South African baked goodness
A well-known recipe, a cape Dutch original, but adopted around the world. A mix of apricot jam and cream in a spongy bed of warm sweetness, usually served with vanilla ice cream, fresh cream or custard sauce. It is served hot with the sauce cold in sky bar in Bangkok. The temperature difference create a unique touch to this traditional recipe. So many more yummy goodness exist around the world. These few top the list in it’s unique nature. Be it you are travelling, preparing it at home or visiting a restaurant, you are sure to enjoy and keep going back for more.