Published by Joshua Gask on May 30, 2017

Making A Good Restaurant

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Just because a restaurant has a long menu, a high price point or a fancy location doesn’t mean it’s a good restaurant. There are many things that are needed for the restaurant to be considered a ‘good’ place to eat, never mind being Michelin class. So what goes in to a good restaurant?

Top Produce

No self-respecting restaurant will use old vegetables or crushed fruit. Meat and fish will be as fresh as possible. Beverages will be top grade; coffee will have to be an internationally renowned brand like Lavazza or something equally good.  Food always tastes better when the produce is fresh and/or top quality and good chefs know this so they don’t skimp on it. Even if the chef or cook is mediocre, the food will be passable if the ingredients are of good quality whereas not even a brilliant chef will be able to pass off bad produce as acceptable food.

A Creative Chef

Any road-side eatery can produce the standard burghers, subs or spaghetti but it takes a real creative genius (with food) to create and then sustain an interesting menu that draws crowds. A restaurant earns the accolade of ‘good’ from the average customer for two reasons. One, it’s cheap and two, it has great food. If the chef is able to take a classic dish and turn it into something fabulous or new or both, then the restaurant has a very good chance of succeeding because people today are not looking for the same old country dishes they are used to. They love trying new things and then bragging about it on social media, so give them something to post about!

Interesting Space

Restaurants do not need a lot of space. As long as you have good food and alcohol served from a spiegelau craft beer glass there will be patrons at your door. But even a teeny tiny space can become interesting when a restaurant decides to be interesting. Why do restaurants serving Italian almost always have red checkered table cloths and muted lighting? Why can’t it have a rock band performing while it serves neon coloured drinks? There is something about Italian cuisine with its heavy yet tart flavours and vivid colours that was meant for candlelight dinners. Even a tiny studio space can become a ‘good’ restaurant if the space is utilized in a smart way that reflects the theme of the restaurant.

Impeccable Service

The food may be great, the chef may be creative and the space may be interesting but the restaurant will lose customers in droves if the service is not up to certain standards. While it’s understood that service will improve (or not) depending on price point, no customer will stay if the wait staff is not attentive or is rude. There should be some basic training for all staff so that they know how to remain alert to a customer’s whims and cover tables in their quarter without appearing too hassled.