Published by Joshua Gask on April 4, 2016

Part Time Jobs For The Summer: Where To Cut Your Teeth

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The median age for working is 15 years around the world, although there are several countries where it’s illegal to work for pay until you are 18 years old – the age where you are legally considered an adult. If you are still in school or unable for some reason to do full- time work, there are certain part time jobs that you can get into very easily, without (too much) prior experience. These jobs may not always pay as well as you expected them to, but they build a firm foundation of good work ethics that will serve you well in the future. Here are some suggestions for Thai takeaway at Windsor you to consider when you’re looking for a summer job:
Join a Fast Food Outlet
Fast food outlets have very high turnovers so they are always looking for new people. Finding a summer job in one shouldn’t be too hard provided you are outgoing, energetic and quick on your feet. Fast food joints are all about speed and customer service as their entire industry is built along those principles. Most fast food workers are hired as part time workers, and therefore are not billed as permanent employees, meaning they don’t receive minimum wage. As they work on shift basis, you will earn according to the number of hours you work. This is perfect for someone who cannot afford to spend 8 hours behind a desk.
Learn How to Wait Tables
Becoming a waiter is easy. Becoming a good waiter is very, very difficult. There’s an art to balancing several dishes in your hands while taking orders at the same time. And you can’t forget that service- industry smile! Despite being physically demanding, being a waiter in a good Thai restaurant at Clayfield is a plus point in your resume, as the reputation of the place reflects back on you.
In countries like Japan, corporate employers prefer new recruits who have had previous experience in the restaurant business, whether as waiters, cashiers or line cooks as they believe working in a eating places teaches people how to serve without appearing subservient. You can start at a local diner one summer and advance to a high- end hotel by the time you are done.
Temp at a Government Agency
Being a “temp” is just that – temporary employment. Again, this means you do not get the benefits that full time workers receive, but you do get the same experience. Government agencies are always happy to hire temps to do secretarial work, and many opportunities open up in the summer as permanent workers go on holiday. Temp jobs are more for college kids and older as they require a degree of responsibility and maturity that may not be present in high schoolers. As most temp jobs are in offices, you will be exposed to the public service sector and the corporate world and gain experience on how to write reports, handle clients etc. It will also lead you to further employment opportunities.