Published by Joshua Gask on March 28, 2017

Steps To Plan A Bachelorette Party

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Well, since the question is popped up, the bride would always be busy. With all the wedding plans; booking the venue, getting the dress, decorations, caterers etc. will all fall on your plate. So to get away from all the hassle, you definitely deserve a bachelorette party away from home, with all your besties. So here are some simple steps for you to plan a party quickly and easily.

Choose a city

It feels special when you hold your party away from home and all family members, spending time only with your besties and making memories. It is the last few days you’ll be spending as an unmarried free bird so of course you need to have some fun. You could choose a city with so much life; such as clubs, bars for hens parties, shopping, movie theatres etc. or choose the complete opposite; a cottage in a calm and serene area where you could spend some private fun times.

Choose a theme

A theme is a must for a bachelorette party. If you are planning to hold a typical party, then you could arrange your décor, food and music according to it. You could also plan a day at the spa, a night out to a cocktail bar that serve a wonderful drink or simple shopping spree. Another option is to make the trip last a few days. Make sure you have your days planned out well if you will be staying for a few days, so that you don’t really sit inside a room a keep gossiping. Get out, experience some adventure, see some new places, try out stuff you’ve never done before and then come back to gossiping.

Invite your guests

Your bridesmaids are the obvious guests. You could also invite a few other friends, your cousins, sisters or anyone you like. Make sure you don’t invite too many if it’s a trip of more than one day, considering the expenses you’ll have to bear. Also, you’d rather have some up-close fun with your besties and not some random girls. Inform your guests about the proceedings of the party or trip so that they know where you will be headed and what you’ll do there.

Have a blast!

You’ve got your hotel room booked, you’ve planned out your trip and you’ve got your favourite people with you. It’s time to enjoy! Pay attention to little details such as decoration of your hotel room, personalized t-shirts for all, mini champagne bottles for all along with little gifts. It will be your final few days as free as this so take the fullest.