Published by Joshua Gask on April 28, 2016

Tips On Running A Coffee Shop

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Running a coffee shop is like running any small business. You need to be dedicated, always be aware of the changes and new discoveries (of the coffee world in this case) and you’ll also have to sacrifice your free time.
This is especially true for coffee shops and cafes that are just beginning to lift off the ground. As you’re venturing into a highly competitive business, it’s important that you offer something bigger and better than the rest of the cafes. Which means you should always give your customers your best.

So what other things do you need to focus on when running a coffee shop?

Keep reading for our tips and ideas.

Make use of your location.
Sometimes, especially when you’re starting a business from minimum funds, it’s a little hard to find the ideal location for your shop. Unfortunately, coffee shops too, like other small businesses, rely rather heavily on their location for good business. Try to find a place that has a bit of human traffic, yet not too busy of an area.

Use the correct type of furniture.
In regard to the furniture, try to find furniture that’s not too comfortable, and yet not too uncomfortable; kind of like baby bear’s chair in goldilocks! Also try to include outdoor cafe furniture Melbourne to your list when you go furniture shopping. The outdoor café furniture will give your customers the opportunity to enjoy their coffee outside, while subtly advertising your coffee and other products to other potential customers passing by.
Service is key.

At a coffee shop, you don’t only sell coffee, you also sell your service. Make sure that your staff are well trained and treat your customers with appreciation. The rule of thumb in businesses like this is to treat your customers like royalty. Make sure your staff understand this. It also helps if you, the owner, works with them at the café. Seeing you treating your customers well will give them the standard they need to measure against, and it will also keep your staff on their toes.

Don’t rely solely on coffee.
Yes, it’s a coffee shop–but that doesn’t mean you have to depend on the coffee alone to pay your bills. While it’s imperative to sell premium quality coffee, it’s also important to sell other premium quality foods and beverages. Traditional coffee related foods such as muffins, cakes, biscuits and cookies play a large part in drumming up business; so don’t forget to add them to your menu. Try to focus on the other aspects as well. Does your café look good? Are your tables cleaned out fast enough? Do you feel like installing a WIFI connection? What about books and magazines? Live entertainment? Host nights?
These are all questions you need to ask yourself.