Published by Joshua Gask on May 31, 2016

Traditional Food Vs. Modern Food

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People are becoming more health conscious than before and are maintaining healthy eating habits. In the earlier days, people use to depend on the home made food rather than the outside food. It is very hygienic and healthy to have food at home. The food preparation at homes is mostly traditional and in particular among all other countries; Indian food is delicious and spicy. People in India use the traditional methods of cooking using the edibles, vegetables, fruits and other food materials.

Nowadays, modern food are more likely to the children as they are interested in having the chocolates, soft drinks, cookies, cakes, ice creams, pizzas, and burgers, etc. These foods seem to be tasty, but they are all junk foods. Doctors suggest the healthy and balanced diet for the children and also the elders to have good health. Indians do not like to have the baked foods as most of the western countries people prefer.

In special occasions, the Indians order number of items in their menu and people like to have Indian buffet in Melbourne rather than any other dishes when offered them with multiple dishes. In the world, Indian restaurants can have its specialty and even the people from the western countries like USA, Australia, and other European nations like to visit the Indian restaurants.

In villages, people use the locally available food materials in preparing different items. Non-vegetarian dishes like chicken, mutton or lamb, sea foods like fishes, prawns, and many more things can be available in the Indian restaurants. These foods are also prepared in different patterns as required to the customers. Before checking for the restaurants, people have to analyze the hygienic conditions of that place and then they have to visit them. Otherwise, people have to face with health issues.

Indian food is entirely different from the other countries as Indians use many spices and oils to make a delicious cuisine. In some places, different hotels and restaurants conduct the food festivals, and they exhibit various unique food items on their behalf in those fests. Favorite chefs from all parts of the world like to participate in these food festivals to display their food items. The best delicious food can have more demand in these festivals. The menus in the Indian Buffet attract the people as it includes many items like:

• Sweet

• Salad

• Snack

• Soups

• Curries

• Fried items

• Vegetarian and non-veg dishes

• Deserts etc.

India is a country where people follow different traditions and cultures. But still they support the unity in diversity and stand as a single nation for the rest of the world. Their customs and traditions can reflect in the food items. People in such countries prefer having traditional food rather than the modern food.