Published by Joshua Gask on February 19, 2016

We Produce More Than Just Beans And Grounds

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Somewhere in this world, you will find the best plantations. Somewhere in this world, you’ll find the manufactures of the best machines. Somewhere in this world, there will also be the best accompaniments, and the best flavourings. All of which are useless unless the touch of human talent is brought in. We deal with coffee. Canberra, as with many other cities and locations across the globe, loves its morning cup of Joe. This passion is not necessarily limited to the morning either. There are a breathtaking array of brews and beverages that can be concocted using quality coffee Canberra. Canberra is our heart and soul, the air that we breathe and the people that we love. We know you well, and strive to ensure that you know us just as well.

We have spent a significant amount of our energies in understanding what kind of brew makes you tick. We constantly renew our observations and understanding of how your tastes grow and evolve and as such, we constantly modify our blends to suit these changing drinks that you grow to seek. Armed with this constantly developing body of knowledge, we now pledge to pass on the art and skill to you. We mentioned earlier that the best of beans, the best of equipment and the best of accompaniments would be useless without the best of human hands. If you are serious in learning the fine art of being a skilled barista, then your first step to realizing this lifelong passion is to get in touch with us.
We know our beans. And we know our equipment.

We also know what beans are suited for which equipment. Which flavours go with which grounds? Whether it is milk or cream that should be used, or whether a particular brew should be downed in black, as is. These are the secrets of the trade, and the very essence of serving up the perfect cup of Java to your friends, relatives and customers time and time again. As with the man tending the bar, the barista at the cafe is also capable of putting on a spectacular display while preparing the beverages that have been requested. A touch of flair is a must, because it is not only the drink and the atmosphere, but also the barista that provides a lasting impression that makes that beverage that much more memorable. Armed with the ability to provide more than just a simple drink to your customers, you will be the subject of much conversation and have your regular clients becoming still more regular, while bringing in their own friends and acquaintances to witness you at work. For the best in everything that a barista should be, should know, and should be able to do, come to us for the highest quality in barista training.