Published by Joshua Gask on October 17, 2016

Winery And Vineyard Tours

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If you’ve never been on a tour in either a winery or a vineyard, then you probably don’t know what the difference is. Most people associate both names with the same process, growing and then producing wine. In actuality, vineyards are where the grapes for the wine is grown, whereas wineries are where the grapes are used to produce the wine. If that little snippet of information was new to you, then you may want to consider going on a tour!

Going on a vineyard tour is a great way to really understand the hardships and labour put into the early stages of winemaking. If you’re interested, book one of our great vineyard tours in Melbourne today and really get to know what wine is all about. You’ll learn more than you could have imagined about the process of growing grapes and tending for them properly, and you’ll even get a chance to taste the grapes in our vineyard!

If you’ve already visited a vineyard, or you’re not really interested in attending a vineyard tour, we also offer great Yarra Valley wine tours. This is where you’ll be able to come and visit one of our great wineries and really experience the production process of making wine. If you produce your own wine but don’t own a winery or a vineyard, this is a great way for you to really get the knowledge of an experienced professional at your side! 


Attending the winery tour in Yarra Valley that we have available to turn out to be one of the best tours you’ve ever taken, and we can guarantee it! Not only will you get to learn and experience the whole process, but you’ll get to taste some of our best wines at the end of the tour!We’re so sure that you’ll enjoy the tour so much that you’ll be booking another tour in the near future and inviting your friends and family to tag along with you. Attending winery and vineyard tours are a great way for friends and family to really enjoy themselves without having to delve out countless dollars or splurging on best restaurants in Chapel Street. So notonly is it fun to attend one or more of our tours, it’s also healthy, because wine is very healthy for the heart.

So if you’re interested in taking one of our winery tours, but don’t live in Yarra Valley, you’ll be happy to know that we also supply tours to people living in the Mornington Peninsula area. All of our wineries offer the same luxuries and great service, and at the end of each tour you’ll always get to taste our wines. If you’re interested, book one of our Mornington Peninsula wine tours today, and ensure your place in the next available tour!